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By design, Reflex is not vertical-specific; we provide IT services to many different industries and types of organizations throughout Southern California. Our decades of experience, along with our tools and capabilities, enable us to incorporate the best technology practices into your organization, no matter the industry.

Here is an example of several industries we work with:


The legal sector has become a prime target for cyber criminals.  Law firms should be able to demonstrate their security and compliance to regulators, business partners and most importantly their clients, but most firms often lack the internal resources necessary to adequately mitigate their risk.

Reputation management is an invaluable asset to all firms and efforts to maintain that should include proper advanced cyber threat protection measures to safeguard the following:

  1. Case and litigation information
  2. Confidential client information
  3. Attorney-client privileged communications
  4. Intellectual property
  5. Payment and personally identifiable information

No matter the size of your firm, you can take steps to improve your security posture and expected outcomes.  We help law firms achieve their unique security goals by working with them to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.  Our solutions use data and analytics to help recognize when there is an imminent threat to the network and works to identify activity that may lead to a breach.

Engineering (AEC)

The AEC (Architectural, Engineering, Construction) industry has a heavy reliance on IT systems and internet connectivity for business operations.    There are specific characteristics that make design firms and construction contractors an attractive target:

  • shared resources and collaboration for integrated project delivery, and building information modeling
  • decentralized nature of the network
  • ready access to clients’ information systems increases the risk that a cyber incident involving one company will become a vulnerability for many companies

According to HUB International, “the AEC industry lags behind others when investing in high-level security and keeping up with current threats, and hackers are well aware and take advantage.”

Cyber threats can expose all of a company’s digital assets: business plans and acquisition strategies; proprietary construction plans and designs; customer, contractor, and supplier lists and pricing; personally identifiable information of employees and contractors; protected health information of personnel; and facilities security information. Not to mention business interruption and reputational harm.


A huge amount of technology goes into a modern casino, including management systems used for slot accounting and player tracking, alongside more typical solutions for marketing, customer service, mobile apps, and social media. Along with the burgeoning Internet of Things, these technological solutions create an increasingly complex threat landscape for casinos.

Many casinos would like to make their cybersecurity more robust but can be constrained by software from gaming manufacturers that isn’t always up to date or does not run on the latest operating systems.

The complexity adds up and presents unique challenges. Unfortunately, just like other small and medium enterprises, smaller casinos may lack the budget and qualified staff to monitor their security environment. This is especially true in tribal casinos, which can often struggle to attract and staff top IT talent in rural locations.

Casinos that get hit will struggle to recover from the brand, operational, and financial damage of these cyberattacks. Reflex works with Casinos to augment the existing IT team and provide expertise in specialized areas like cybersecurity.

Co-Managed IT

Support for Your IT Department

Co-Managed IT gives businesses the best of both worlds by blending the strategic framework of internal resources with the support and comprehensive knowledge of a managed service provider.

Together we create efficiencies.

As we continue to embrace a hybrid work style (a blend of remote and on-site employees), IT has become even more complex and further accelerated the need for external support from MSPs.  The list of tools that fall under the mission-critical category has expanded. The need to conduct business from anywhere has made organizations more technology-reliant, and for some, that includes areas in which they had little experience before the pandemic.

Co -IT services is a powerful tool and resource for an internal IT manager, who wants to grow beyond daily tasks.  It elevates their role to be more effective and do more impactful work. IT departments are stretched thin; Reflex can help lighten the workload by taking on some of the typical in-house responsibilities such as routine maintenance, repairs and servicing, monitoring, and help desk support.

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