Our Managed Security Solution (MSS) uses a combination of prevention strategies and powerful threat detection capabilities to combat the modern risks in today’s information security landscape.  We use a three-point approach that encourages advanced planning, routine maintenance and an organized response plan when incidents occur.


We help you plan, implement, and integrate Cybersecurity solutions that reduce your risk profile: on-premise and in the cloud.  Recurring vulnerability scanning and asset discovery helps to identify potential risks before they become and issue.


Gain true visibility into your environment and achieve early intrusion detection with cloud intrusion detection, network intrusion detection (NIDS), and host intrusion detection (HIDS) systems. These tools monitor your traffic, along with user and administrator activities, looking for anomalous behaviors.


Know what to do when a breach occurs by developing a clear incident response plan.  Respond quickly to neutralize threats and rebuild  your defenses.  Our team is ready to serve when your business needs it most.