Reflex Manage

A Security First Approach to Managed Services

We have bridged cybersecurity and managed services into one comprehensive offering.  Our solutions bring IT Management, Cybersecurity and Service together to meet all your technology needs.  This strategic approach is designed to equip businesses with the dependability and support they need to thrive in today’s technology landscape.

Reflex Manage is an opportunity for businesses to have a security first approach to managing their technology, with a partner that is invested in them.

Cybersecurity Suite

Security capabilities are elevated with advanced end point protection: anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware.  Also included is workstation encryption, 24/7 threat monitoring, cybersecurity awareness training, and dark web monitoring.

Reduced Escalation

Your IT support experience always starts with Level 2.  Reflex’s team is staffed by technicians who have a minimum of 3 years practical experience.  This support experience will decrease the time you spend with technical support.

RFX Next-Level

Next Level Managed IT is the future of Managed Services. 100% Fixed Fee

All labor is included.  No bills for projects, support, or new workstation setups.  We are invested in our client’s uptime, and the optimization of everything is critical to our mutual success.  If issues can be reduced through proactive efforts and strategic consulting, it is a win for everyone.

RFX Next-Level
RFX Manage IT

RFX Manage IT

Uptime Investment

We are invested in our client’s uptime, and the optimization of everything is critical to our mutual success.  Included with each managed server is an hour of support of per month.  Reducing issues through proactive efforts is a win for everyone.

Co-Managed IT

Support for Your IT Department

Co-Managed IT gives businesses the best of both worlds by blending the strategic framework of internal resources with the support and comprehensive knowledge of a managed service provider.

Together we create efficiencies.

As we continue to embrace a hybrid work style (a blend of remote and on-site employees), IT has become even more complex and further accelerated the need for external support from MSPs.  The list of tools that fall under the mission-critical category has expanded. The need to conduct business from anywhere has made organizations more technology-reliant, and for some, that includes areas in which they had little experience before the pandemic.

Co -IT services is a powerful tool and resource for an internal IT manager, who wants to grow beyond daily tasks.  It elevates their role to be more effective and do more impactful work. IT departments are stretched thin; Reflex can help lighten the workload by taking on some of the typical in-house responsibilities such as routine maintenance, repairs and servicing, monitoring, and help desk support.

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