Reflex Secure

Take control of your Cybersecurity with Reflex Networking.

Reflex Networking provides customers with comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions that ensure organizations of all sizes have access to world-class Cybersecurity.

We help you plan, implement, and integrate solutions that reduce your risk profile, on-premises and in the cloud.

Managed Security Solution

Our Managed Security Solution (MSS) uses a combination of prevention strategies and powerful threat detection capabilities to combat the modern risks in today’s information security landscape.  We use a three-point approach that encourages advanced planning, routine maintenance, and an organized response plan when incidents occur.


  • Our prevention strategy combines specific planning tasks along with regular vulnerability scans, asset discovery and monitoring.


  • We monitor network traffic, user and administrator activities to look for anomalous behaviors. With access to the world’s largest threat intelligence community, we know when suspicious activities are taking place in your environment.


  • Know what to do when a breach occurs by developing a clear incident response plan. Respond quickly to neutralize threats and rebuild your defenses. These efforts are customized to your business and developed according to what you define as your key business assets.

Managed Detection and Response

Discover and neutralize threats at the earliest stages before they spread.

This Next Gen Managed Security Service focuses on real time threat detection, threat hunting and rapid response to minimize damage to your organization.

24/7 Incident Monitoring

  • Security Analysts and threat researchers monitor your unique environment. As new events occur, the team will investigate each event, and escalate only when relevant.

Real-time Threat Detection & Response

  • When a threat is detected and confirmed to be malicious, our team has the ability to detain the infected device immediately; cutting the bad actor out of your network and stopping the spread before it starts.

IoT Security

  • Live asset discovery and visibility across the infrastructure
  • Remote Access Monitoring
  • Port Scanning Attempts - many malicious toolsets utilize port scanning to enumerate the environment, identify running services and fingerprint devices.

Dark Web Monitoring

The use of stolen credentials is not new or sophisticated, but it is effective.  One reused password can jeopardize your business.   Our tools monitor the Dark Web and help to prevent corporate data breaches by alerting when company credentials have been compromised.

Be alerted of compromises and receive information identifying which email address has been exposed and any related compromised credentials.  Once data is on the Dark Web, it is usually here for good, but having early awareness means actions can be taken to render the compromise useless.

Evaluating Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination.

The threat landscape is always changing and so is your environment.  Evaluating your cyber risk is most effective when done regularly.  This approach validates the mitigation and remediation of previously reported issues and ensures consistency with IT and Network Security Management.

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Attempt to identify (not exploit) vulnerabilities that exist within the environment

External Network Penetration Test

  • Identify the potential impact of exploiting an identified vulnerability, focus on the security of network assets that are exposed to the internet. Unlike a traditional vulnerability test, the evaluation of threats is tested and validated to evaluate the depth of compromise

Security Assessment Report

  • Includes the test results, recommendations and supporting evidence for any recommendations.

Reputational Threat Exposure

  • Conduct a discovery and gather information that is publicly available which may be useful for an attack. This includes doppelgänger domains, IP address ranges, usernames and the analysis of publicly available DNS records
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